If you’re here to inquire about editing or some related service, you’re already on the right track. Using an editor to assist you in creating a high quality written document or to polish a finished manuscript is one of the most important and valuable steps you can take as a writer.

Whether you are writing a book, manual, report, academic manuscript or thesis, resume, or letter,
I can help.
You may be a student writing your first major research paper, a first-time novelist and unsure how to proceed, a business professional with an important report to compose, or an experienced author who merely needs a final check for errors; no matter what your skill level or type of project, I have options that will suit you. I can help you eliminate errors, focus on your target audience, establish or polish your style, improve your grades, and produce a polished, professional-level final product.

My services include:
• Editing for typographical errors, spelling, punctuation, and grammar
• Editing for tone, clarity, logic, continuity, consistency, and flow
• Writing, ghostwriting, and rewriting
• Research
• Fact checking and source checking
• Formatting

I can work with you on projects including
• Books
• Journal, magazine, newspaper, or online articles or essays
• Corporate documents and reports
• Business newsletters and brochures
• Academic manuscripts and theses

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